The development of the small and medium enterprises (SME/SMB) is a crucial factor for the industrial sector; they are the economy "engine" both in Romania and in EU, while corporations and national business seemed to be heavily affected by the economical crise.

The architectural design for an industrial building has to combine both the architect's vision and the specific requirements for each kind of economic activity.

Here are some of the most significant projects under this "Industrial buildings" catergory:

Automatic car wash, Satu Mare, 2009

Refunctionalizing carpentry halls, Odoreu, Satu Mare county, 2010

Carpentry hall and administrative building, Odoreu, Satu Mare county, 2009

Small industrial complex: joinery industrial hall, offices and showroom, Botiz, Satu Mare county, 2006-2007

Small industrial complex: fabric warehouse, offices and flat, Botiz, Satu Mare county, 2006



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